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Providing infrastructure to the Flare ecosystem.

Core Services

Explore the links below to discover more about each of the services we offer and our role as an Infrastructure Provider in this exciting ecosystem.
FTSO Data Provider

The FTSO is the beating heart of the Flare network.​

We offer highly competitive and risk-free rewards to those who delegate votes to us.

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Network Validator

Flare operates a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

Stake against our network validator and start compounding your wealth.

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Attestation Provider

Flares State Connector protocol brings verifiable information on-chain.

Independent attestation providers help do this in a decentralised manner.

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Connect Everything

Flare is the blockchain for data, providing developers with secure decentralised access to high-integrity data from other chains and the internet.

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Compound your wealth

Three ways to earn with Flare and Songbird. Delegate to an FTSO data provider, stake tokens against a network validator and earn additional tokens from the monthly FlareDrop distributions.

  • FTSO delegation rewards

  • Validator staking rewards

  • FlareDrops participation

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